Paper Mache Bowl - Lucky Star Pink

$15.00 — $38.00

These bowls are handcrafted by a group of women as part of the fair trade project Wola Nani. The project has been supporting women who suffer from HIV and AIDS from some of the poorest communities in South Africa since 1994 – they strive to ensure that these women can have a sustainable future, earn a regular income and live with dignity and hope. The purchase of this bowl is directly supporting the lives of women working at Wola Nani.

Made from a papier-mache of discarded sardine can label remnants they are suitable for everyday items and dry foods. They and cannot be washed, to clean spray and wipe with damp cloth.


Measurements (diameter at top):
tiny 11cm
x small 13cm
small 17cm
medium 22cm
large 25cm