Telar 'Marinera' Textile

$220.00 — $380.00

Argentinian knitwear company Nido presents ‘Telar’, artisan hand loom woven textiles. This beautiful collection is a reflection of the dedication to preserve the century-old traditions of Argentinian weaving. Made from 100% wool, hand-spun, hand-dyed and hand woven on a loom by local artisans in north western Argentina. This artisanal process means each piece is imperfect, unique and made in small batches. Designed as a small soft carpet or a blanket, the attention to detail in design and the integrity in its process makes these textiles a work of art in themselves.

‘Marinera’ small measures 60cm x 100cm

‘Marinera’ medium measures 90cm x 150cm

‘Marinera’ large measures 120cm x 180cm


$290.00 — $390.00

$240.00 — $420.00

$290.00 — $390.00